How can I reschedule a booking?

You can reschedule your service easily by using the TidyMe website, for free, as long as you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Any later than 24 hours will incur a $40 fee and you can make last-minute changes through the website as well. 

To reschedule a booking

  1. Log into your account 
  2. Click on Bookings under the navigation portal. Click on Options and then on Reschedule next to the booking that you want to reschedule:

  3. Choose if you would like to apply the same change to all future bookings. If yes, tick Make this change on all future bookings. Select the date and time you want to reschedule your appointment to:

Note: Selecting MyCrew availability increases the chances of your MyCrew being assigned for your reschedule.

Will you let my cleaner know?

Yes! We will notify your cleaner of the changes. When you reschedule a clean, your regular Crew member may be dropped from the job and a new cleaner will then be assigned. To keep your regular cleaner, please contact TidyMe via live-chat or email to and we will get in touch with your regular cleaner to find a new day/time that works best for the both of you.

Are there any charges if I reschedule my service?

If you reschedule your service within 24 hours of the booking start time, a $40 fee will apply. This goes towards the cleaner for his/her loss of work and travel costs.

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