How can I cancel a booking?

You can cancel any booking that's more than 24 hours ahead of time following the steps below. If you need to cancel a booking that's less than 24 hours ahead of time ($40 cancellation fee applies) please do so on the platform directly. If you wish to cancel all your future bookings, please get in touch with us

To cancel a single booking

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on Bookings under the navigation portal. 
  3. Click on Options and then on Cancel under the drop down menu for the booking that you want to cancel. You will only see the Cancel option if you have more than one future booking. Confirm on the popup that you want to cancel your booking.

To change all future bookings/ To cancel your account

If you want to cancel all future bookings or cancel your TidyMe account, please get in touch with us. A cancellation fee may apply if you are a subscription customer and you have not completed your subscription. You can see more details about subscriptions here. 

To change the frequency of your booking

If you want to change the frequency of your bookings to Weekly from Fortnightly or vice versa, please get in touch with us and we'll get it sorted. Please note that if you're a subscription customer, you'll need to complete your subscription first before moving to a different frequency. 

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